Friday, May 10, 2013

Wind chime from sea shells

Now this was a project which was long pending ever since I had bought home a bunch of sea shells. Thanks to the crafters group in Chennai popularly known as the Chennai crafters, I got myself to complete this project.

This project won the May craft challenge on the Chennai Crafters facebook page.

Materials required

1) Twine / Thread (I did not have twine, used thread instead. Twine will look more presentable and invisible when looked at from a distance)

2) Crepe papers - VIBGYOR
3) Fevicol
4) Sea shells (Big enough to be used as a chime)
5) Wrapping paper
6) Art board


1) Wash and dry the sea shells. Tie the nylon thread around the sea shell and apply fevicol on the thread and on the shell and leave to dry.

2) Paint it using colors of your choice and leave to dry. I used gitter dots for extra effect.

3) Take the artboard - 30 cm length and 3 inches width and make holes using nail and hammer

4) Cover the artboard with wrapping paper marking the location of the holes.

5) Create a fan using crepe paper (2.5 inches wide) and staple the center on to the twine / string. Open up the fan and glue both ends to make it appear like a flower.

6) Once all the flowers are completed, hang the strings on to the artboard . You may hang at different length or the same length. (I wanted to hear the clinging of the shells and hence hung at the same length)

7) Hang the chime in your favorite location in your home.

This chime can help brighten your home interiors. Decide on the location before you start the project. This will help you in deciding how to balance the chime. I hung my chime on the cloth line in my balcony.

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