Monday, February 18, 2013

Egg Mosaic Name Plate

Ola! This easy to make name plate is a fun project and saves you a deal on time and money. The requirements for this project are easily available in the market, most of which are  scrap.

Egg shell mosaic is a brilliant way to utilise the left over egg shells and it imparts a fine 3D look as well.

Things you need

1) Plywood - Any desired shape, I chose 45 cm length x 10 cm width
2) Egg shells - Broken to varying sizes
3) M-seal - You get to buy these in any hardware shore or a craft shop. 
4) Acrylic Colors or Poster Colors
5) Old Bangle
6) Twine for installation
7) Hooks ( You can get these hooks at any hardware store)


1) Color the plywood with your color of choice. Apply two to three coats and leave it for drying.

2) Make alphabets out of the M-seal and allow it to set.

Note: You need to work quick with the M-seal. M-seal tends to harden fast and you need to be quick with creating the alphabet shapes. To clear out the wrinkles, dip a brush or your finger in water and dab on the mseal creation to create a smooth surface.

3) Paste the broken egg shells on the convex surface so as the concave surface faces the outside. You can create a pattern with the shell pieces as well. Allow the shell mosaic to dry.

4) Once the M-seal has dried completely, paste the M-seal using fevicol on the plywood. Paste the bangle as well.

5) Now its the fun time Color the shells and the m-seal creations using your favorite acrylic colors or poster colors. Let it dry

6) Screw in the hooks and loop the twine through these hooks and install it on your door.

Total time required - 30 minutes to 1 hour

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