Thursday, February 28, 2013

Acrylic painted terracotta 'Diya'

Couldn't resist buying these diya's.


  1. Nice one... Got to try this for sure soon

    Hi Sreeja..
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  2. Hi Sreeja..I need your help...When we use terracota colors to paint the diyas do we coat something as a base? Any special material or do you directly start coating the colors of your choice. I am a starter and I need your help.

    1. Hi Deepika Sahani,

      Congrats on your new hobby!

      I use acrylic colors for the diyas and not the terracotta paint. Acrylic sets fast and gives a beautiful polished finished compared to terracotta paint. I do not use any base while painting with Acrylic. Alternatively, I think it will be a good idea to paint the base with a white color and then once it dries, you may paint the colors on it. This might give a darker and long lasting finish to your colors.

      Hope this helped!

    2. Hey Sreeja.Thanks for the valuable feedback. Lovely blog you have.Very inspiring. The problem dear is that I had brought terracota colors last year but didn't use them and I want to use it now. Do you have any suggestion as to what should I do.And do you put the diyas in water and dry them before painting or you directly start using the colors? And if I want to decorate them what kind of glue should I use? Sorry for bothering you with so many questions. I am an engineer turned artist an I am unknown to a lot of things as such.:)

    3. Thank you so much for the kind words. Welcome to the art club. I have an engineering degree but that exists only in my certificate. Anyways, art is for everyone and am sure you will enjoy the journey.

      I do not wash the diyas, as these diyas will absorb moisture and it may affect the adhesive nature of the acrylic paint. I dust the diyas to remove dirt and foreign particles and apply the acrylic paint directly on it.

      As for the glue, I use normal fevicol. While fevicol is white in color, after it sets it becomes colorless. So, you needn't worry if some excess glue spills while you do your embellishments.

      And for terracotta colors, are these acrylic paints? I have not used terracotta colors till date. I buy poster colors or acrylic colors and use them directly on the pot/diya without adding water.

      In any case, always wait until the first coat of paint dries and the apply the next paint. Using a white base coat will make your painting look richer too!
      Happy crafting! And do share your creations as well.

    4. Hey thanks for the help. I will definitely share my creations once I am done with it. Terracota colors are the ones that are used on our wall. When I went to buy acrylic / oil paints last year I said to the guy there that the colors on my diyas becomes dull after one/two times of use and I want them to stay just like that for years and years. So he told me to buy these terracota colors.And I did without asking Babout them to anyone. And now that I have invested so much in them I am stuck. Anyway I will use the same technique that you've used with acryclic colors and hope it goes well. Thanks again :)

    5. Please join the group on facebook called Chennai crafters. You can share your queries there, there are plenty of artists who will respond to your queries on paint and crafts.

  3. That's lovely. You saved my life ;-)


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