Monday, February 18, 2013

Bottle lamp shade

Wondering what to do with an extra lamp socket at home? Decorate an old plastic bottle and install. What you will see is a myriad of colored light which will brighten your day.

So put those old bottles to use, let us begin the transformation!

Thing you require

1) Old plastic bottle (Could be a mineral water bottle or a large coke bottle)
2) Velvet cloth
3) Glass colors
4) Twine for installation


1) Clean the plastic bottle and allow to dry

2) Cut both the ends of the plastic bottle keeping just the center half. After cutting what you will have is a cylinder open at both ends.

3) Create holes on top rim of the bottle and insert the twines to form a loop.

4) Cut the velvet cloth to a strip and cover the rim of the bottle by stapling directly on to the bottle. You may use fevicol for a better finish as well.

5) Wrap the strips of velvet vertically on the plastic bottle and fix using fevicol adhesive

6) The remaining area which is empty is to utilized for painting.

7) Create check blocks using a 3D highlighter. (The 3D highlighter is available when you buy pack of glass paints)

8) Allow the 3D lining to dry by keeping it in an upright position.

9) Now fill the checkers with different colors of glass paint. Aloow to dry each side before proceeding to the other sides.

10) Once the painting is completely dried, it is now ready for use. Install the plastic bottle on to a hanging bulb and switch on the light. You will see a play of colors.


  1. this is a great way of reusing the bottle..i love how it creates drama on ceiling.

  2. Thank you Nayana!! Please do try making this as well..


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