The giving edge

Tamaso maa jyotir-gamaya (From Darkness to Light)

The diya symbolizes knowledge. Lighting a diya eliminates darkness and spreads the light. It signifies removal of ignorance through knowledge.

This is the guiding principle in the foundation of Craft Melange. Proceeds from the diyas sold at Craft Melange are used for buying school supplies for the children in orphanages across Chennai.

True to its roots, Craft Melange orders diyas from local potters and artisans, doing its part in bringing light to their traditional workmanship.

Craft Melange offers custom decorated diyas for any festive occasion. Decorated diyas add that extra glamour to your home interiors and makes for great gifts as well.

Order your diyas from Craft Melange by writing to Light a diya today, make a difference forever.

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