Monday, February 18, 2013

Acrylic pot painting

Acrylic pots can brighten up any boring interior. Be it your kitchen, bedroom, living room or your bathroom. paint the pots, put in some scented dried flowers and marbles.

Things you need

1) Terracota pots ( The prices of these pots range from Rs.10 - Rs.30. They are available in open markets in Bnagalore and Chennai)
2) Acrylic poster colors
3) Stones and sequins
4) Varnish or fixative spray (optional)


1) Clean the pots with a clean cloth

2) Paint a base coat on the pot. You can use any plain color and apply two to three coats and leave to dry.

3) Draw a pattern with a pencil and start painting a pattern of your choice within the pattern.

4) Leave he paint to dry. Once completely dried paste the stones and sequins using fevicol.

5) Protect your creation by applying varnish or spray a fixative spray.

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