Monday, February 18, 2013

Tissue paper pom poms

Believe it or not. I am in love with these pom poms. These are easy to create, and gives your room interiors a vibrant brilliance. I have hung them for over six months now and is very well in shape.

You can create these pom poms of varying sizes and it fills the room space as well. Be it a kitty party, a baby shower or even a romantic surprise, these pom poms are a must to have in your room.

Things you need

1) Tissue paper ( You can go for paper napkins of different colors. The colored tissue papers are available in most craft stores.)
2) Colorless twine
3) Cello clear tape
4) Scissors


1) Take a set of 15 - 20 tissue papers and place them one below the other.
Note: The more the number of tissue papers, the fluffier the pom poms.

2) Cut the set into a perfect square .

3) Staple at the center and tie a twine in the center. Remember the twine is to be suspended from the ceiling. Make sure the twine is long enough.

4) Now start folding the tissue paper like you would make a fan. Click here for detailed info.

5) Cut the edges of the tissue paper like an arrow

6) Open the leaves of the tissue paper one by one. Make sure you do this carefully.

7) Suspend the pom pom on to the ceiling using the twine wire.

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