Monday, February 18, 2013

Egg painting

These make yummy omelettes  egg shells are a great medium for designing an art project. Create intricate designs and patterns on these eggs and place them in baskets to brighten up your room interiors.

And surprisingly, these painted eggs are known to repel rodents as well.

Things you need

1) Egg shells
Note: Make a small hole on top of the egg and empty the contents to make your dish. Wash the inside of the eggs thoroughly and leave to dry

2) Acrylic paint
3) CD holder ( To leave the eggs to dry)
4) Hairdryer (optional)


1) Wash the interiors of the eggs well and leave to dry. Once dried, trace a pattern on the eggs using a pencil.

2) Balance the egg by placing your finger inside the egg. Apply the colors using a thin brush and use a hair dryer to dry it at intervals.

3) Leave the completed egg on a CD holder to dry completely.

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