Monday, February 18, 2013

Personalised photo frame

My fascination with photographs began as a child. To this day, I have my room walls adorned with pictures of my childhood days. Photographs has a magical way of telling a story, reminding you of 'those days', memories and emotions associated with a phase in life.

Now you an decorate those table tops, fridge tops , kitchen counters, bedside tables with as many photographs with personalized calenders. You can choose the color of the wrapping paper to suit the interiors of your room and surroundings. It would take you only a couple of minutes to recreate that photograph into beautiful photo frame of your choice.

Things you require

1) Card board pieces - 2 nos
2) Matt finish wrapping paper
3) Sequins
4) Scissor and scale
5) Your favorite photograph


1) Cut a rectangle shape in the cardboard so as to form a frame. You may do this with a blade so as to keep the corners in tact

2) Wrap the wrapping paper on the frame. Take the second cardboard and wrap the paper on it as well.

3) Place the photograph in between the two cardboard sheets and glue the inside bottom of the first cardboard to the second cardboard.

4) Allow the frame to set. (Note: You may insert the photograph after the two card boards have been set as well)

5) Fix sequins or beads as required.

You customized photo frame is now ready to use.


  1. Hi, your work is neat and simple. One suggestion... How about protecting the photo with an OHB sheet in front?


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