Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flower pop floating candles

The second batch of my lovely flower floating candles. Pretty are they!

These are real cute, real simple and loads of fun if you are planning for a group activity. Presence of an adult is compulsory though.

Things you need

1) Praffin wax pellets
2) Wax crayons
3) candle wick
4) Flower moulds/chocolate moulds.

The moulds for making these candles can be found in any store. I got these from Lifestyle, home style section. This is what they look like.

I would suggest you use these moulds only for candle making and not swap for making chocolates. We do not want any of those toxins in our chocolates. For better candles, I suggest you pierce a hole in the center (a very very tiny hole) and pass the candle wick through it for every batch of candles which are being made.


1) Melt the paraffin wax in a pan (this pan to be used only for candle making).

2) Add the desired color of wax crayon shavings to the melting paraffin wax. The more crayon bits, the darker the color of your candles.

(Note - I made tiny holes at the bottom of the candle mould (in each flower pocket) to insert the candle wick. Insert a small piece of wick through the perforation  and pull it out so it stands at a level just above the surface of the mould.)

3) Keep stirring the wax till the color blends throughout the wax and then pour into the set flower mould. You may use two toothpicks to balance the wick.

4) Once the candles are set, unmould the flower candles carefully and repeat another batch if required.

These pretty pop flower candles making an excellent ambiance for a romantic dinner. Place these in a pretty water bowl around the house for a well lit, positive and inviting home environment.

Spread the light, spread the love. Happy candle making peeps!

Optional - You may add few drops of candle scents in the melted wax for making scented candles.

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