Friday, October 10, 2014

Rainbow gel candles

Candle making happened to me by chance. Happened to meet this super talented candle making expert, Thasneem, (refer Artzone) and had loads of fun learning this therapeutic art.

It is sheer magic to watch the paraffin melt,  blend into a myriad of colors and mould into beautiful scented candles.

But let me caution you, this hobby is addictive. Too much of candle making can have your home smelling of candle wax but the good part is you can happily give them away to family and friends. Go melt and light up their day!

I tried an interesting variant with gel candles. Had good fun making this. Here is a step by step description of how I went about making these lovely candles.

Things you need

1) Gel wax
2) Colored crayons - All colors of the rainbow
3) Shot glasses
4) Pan to melt the wax
5) Cloth to wipe the pan
6) Candle wick


1) Melt the gel wax on a pan. Once the gel begins to melt, scrape a bit of a violet wax crayon to the melting gel. 
2) Pour the violet gel into the shot glass and wait to set completely. 
3) Repeat the same procedure with the remaining colors and pour over the set candle one by one.
4) Insert the candle wick intot he gel at the preset phase and balance with a toothpick to hold it upright.

Once the candle has set completely, wrap with a clear cellophane, secure with a pretty ribbon. Your rainbow candle is now ready to gift! 

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