Friday, October 10, 2014

Pom pom centerpiece

I believe teapoys are cursed. They tend to attract everything from TV remotes, house keys, books, tea cups. How about a centerpiece which distracts the teapoy from all the clutter. With a pretty centerpiece around, let us hope there wont be too much of a mess.

When I was thinking about a centerpiece, I wanted one which would suit my home interiors. So thought of making a pom pom centerpiece and place my favorite candle piece at the center. Like this.

So, then how do we go about making these. Lets begin.

Things you need

1) Cotton wool
2) Plastic fork
3) Red lace
4) Mirrors


1) Wound the wool on a fork. Follow the procedure depicted in the image below. 
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2) Place these pom pom on a hardboard in any pattern you may wish to.

3) Decorate with mirror or kundan embellishments as desired.

4) For an added effect, stick a matching crochet lace on the circumference of the centerpiece.

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